The MyHTSpace employee portal was created by Harris Teeter to provide their employees with all their work-related information in one place. The portal is easily accessible, and one can log in to the account on the official website at Those who have an active MYHTSpace account at Harris Teeter can access a variety of welfare services.


MyHTSpace Login Issues

The following guide will help you resolve any issues you may be having logging into your account.

  • Be sure that the internet connection you are using is active and reliable. Unexpected errors can occur as a result, such as timeouts.
  • As usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, you must make sure that your CAPS lock is set appropriately.
  • Make sure you typed your information correctly. Using the password view option if it’s available is a good idea. Your password will not be seen by anyone if there is no one around who can see it.
  • Logging into your portal, you need to be aware that your computer may have several factors that will allow access to your account. In addition, unwanted data that accumulates in your browser facilitates these factors. You should, therefore, clear your browser’s cookies and cache and re-evaluate your portal.
  • You may also have forgotten your password, and that is the reason you are unable to log in. In order to access your account, you must follow the necessary steps to change your password.
  • For access to the portal, you must use trusted and supported browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and iOS Safari.
  • Try opening the portal using the private/incognito version of your browser if none of the above methods work.

Please feel free to contact Harris Teeter’s customer service department for further assistance if you are still having issues accessing your account.